Change the World!

A global awareness project for students of all ages.

A global awareness project for students.How would you like to change the world?

What will make the World a better place?

Follow the SMART guidelines for posting:

S – Specific – What idea do you have to change the world?
M – Measurable –  How can your idea be measured?
A – Attainable – How can your idea be achieved?
R – Realistic – How does your idea make sense?
T – Timely – How does your idea make a difference today?

Instructions for posting: Do not type your name, or the names of other students when posting. Write your grade level, homeroom teacher or adviser name only.


A few links to some big ideas for changing the world:

7 Billion, National Geographic – Video

United for Human Rights – Video

Kids Make a Difference – Scholastic Network

Tinkering – TED video



5 thoughts on “Change the World!

  1. To change the world I would like to start a florecent lightbulb group and start exchanging regular light bulbs for lightbulbs that are healthy for the environment and save energy.

  2. My idea to change the world is to find ways to make sure people are treated as equals. To measure this we could start by taking polls and keeping track of the answers. To achieve this we would need to make rules that become law, not just words on a page. This is important because people are suffering right now.

  3. My idea is to make it so that rain water, sun and snow should be preserved. We could do this by using solar panels to power lights. We could have a thing at the top of the school do purify snow and rain water. This make sense because it would save money and energy. This would make a difference today because it would make our school more green and make global warming better in some ways.

  4. To help out the environment I would like to encourage more people make the littlest effort to make a change. Even changing your lightbulb to a more efficient kind, using electric cars, or taking the littlest time to pick up trash because it’s the right thing to do. For changing your lightbulb all you have to do is go to a local Home Depot and by a light bulb that doesn’t hurt our enviroment as much. If everyone in America turns their light bulb off, or buys a more efficient bulb it adds up.

  5. My idea to change the world is to get kids to think about starting anti-bullying clubs at school. I want to start by asking kids to sign a pledge for National No Name-Calling week. We can measure who joins the club by the number of signed pledges we get. I hope Dr. Duska and Mr. Brown let me share my idea at the next assembly, because No Name-Calling week starts January 24.

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